Our story began over 50 years ago when Howard Halpern arrived in Atlanta to start his own perishable food distribution business. His top priority was delivering exceptional and delightful meal options that people would feel good about eating.

Humble Beginnings

After being voted Best Meat and Seafood Market by the Atlanta public for four consecutive years, he knew he was on the verge of something great. In 1983, with only five butchers, the Halpern family started the meat and seafood distribution company for which it's become so well known. Now operating production and distribution facilities in Georgia, Texas, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, Michigan and Kentucky. With a drive and passion that was instrumental in revolutionizing the industry, one thing has remained clear- we exist because we believe that we can help you succeed.

About our Team

With 35 years of experience, Ray Hicks, President, brings strong leadership qualities to the executive team. Jody Hicks, Director, has a passion for customer service, developed during her 35 years in the food distribution industry.

The dedicated employees who work at Halperns' are passionately committed to this business and the customers they serve. Being part of Halperns' means being part of something important, something unique, and something special. This commitment is made clear by the excellent products we distribute.