As a pioneer in the industry, Howard Halpern is an acknowledged leader in the business of meat and seafood distribution. His role as an innovator and entrepreneur is well established. Howard was one of the first in the country to distribute boxed beef and he is credited with being a major force behind the development of fresh portion-cut steaks. His work with Kansas State University resulted in a dry aging process that is used to this day. Howard’s constant efforts to improve the process every step of the way – sourcing, packaging, equipment, supplies – have made the industry better and safer.

Howard’s accomplishments and accolades are many. He holds an Honorary Doctorate from Johnson and Wales and was named The Escoffier Society’s Man of the Year. He has worked with the U.S. Olympic committee and has had numerous leadership positions in industry and nonprofit organizations. His business acumen was noted when he won Regional Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young. Howard has led numerous professional and student culinary teams to medal finishes. As chairman of Halperns’, he shares his insight and experience with the most dynamic team of professionals assembled in the industry.

RAY HICKS, President & CEO

Ray Hicks brings 35 years of experience and strong leadership qualities to the executive team. After graduating from Georgia State University with a BA in Accounting Ray served as Senior Vice President of Merchandising, General Manger, Operations manager and Sales Executive for two major Food Service distributors in the Southeast before joining Halperns at its inception where he serves as President and Chief Executive Officer.


Jody Hicks has a passion for customer service, developed during her 30 years in the food distribution industry. With experience in sales, purchasing and administration, she insists that her excellent track record of ensuring customer satisfaction and retention is a result of truly enjoying her work.


Ray Farmer is a Certified Executive Chef and three-time medal winner at the Culinary Olympics in Frankfurt, Germany. His experience has established the culinary-based approach that separates Halperns’ from its competitors. Ray has been a member of the American Culinary Federation for 30 years, is a Certified ACF judge and a past President of the Atlanta chapter.


Glen Miciotta - President of South Florida
Don Bergman - President of North East Division
Dennis Stiffler - President of Texas Division
Chad Buice - Vice President of Operations
Steve Ginsburg - Vice President of Sales
Howard Horn - Vice President of South Florida Division
Erik Tibcken - General Manager of Naples Division
Stefano Spagno - General Manager of Kalamazoo Michigan
John Hankins - General Manager of Walton Kentucky